You will receive a reservation confirmation (1) and a seperate payment confirmation (2) when the payment is accepted.

The vehicle is pre reserved for 5 hours after your first reservation is submitted.
The vehicle will be idle again if no payment is registered within 5 hours 
IMORTANT: It´s possible to CANCEL the first booking at redo the booking process & payment procedure
Cancellation can be made via the link in the very first reservation e-mail which you received from JUST DRIVE
Feel free to contact us by e-mail or call us if you have further questions.

You will be transferred to the DIBS payments service (step 5) when you have finished the reservation. Only creditcards on the DIBS list are accepted.
Call us on +298 204500 or send us an e-mail:
- Sub Sea Tunnels cost 100,- DKK and will be charged via the deposit. Do not pay sub sea tunnels in gas stations. Tunnel pas is also another option
- Parking tickets or speed tickets are not covered by us
It depends if we have cars available. Usually it´s not a problem. An extra fee will be charged because we need to clean all vehicles :)
In the case of "prepaid" reservations modification/cancellation fees may apply.

You may cancel your reservation via the confirmation email you received from JUST DRIVE.
Cancellations made at least 7 days prior to pick-up will be refunded with 70% of the rental cost.
Cancellations made less than 7 days prior to pick-up will not be refunded

The minimum age is 21 years
Pickup & drop off only from Vagar Airport.
Debit cards and credit cards. Mastercard, VISA, JCB and Dankort.
We are always on service at the airport on the confirmed pick up time.
A Just Drive staff member will always be at the airport if vehicle is booked on hours when there are no flights.