Underwater tunnels (Norðoya- and Vága tunnels) cost DKK 100 (per two ways). This means one way is free and the other costs DKK 100. "Tunnel Pass" at DKK 99 per day is also an extra option for these 2 tunnels. With this option you can drive as many times as you like through the sub-sea tunnels.

The "Tunnel Pass" does not cover the Eysturoyar-tunnel. The Eysturoyar- tunnel costs DKK 280 (per way).

Tunnel fees will be collected by us after the rental period is over. Therefore, you will not have to worry about paying for the tunnels on the go, as we handle it for you. Don't worry and just drive!


You can always pick-up or drop-off your rental car with us as we operate 24/7. Office hours are from MON-FRI 08:00-16:00. It is in this timeframe we do most of our emails and paperwork. However, TEAM JUST DRIVE is always on stand-by, as we know that the travel industry never sleeps. Just Drive staff members are always ready when vehicles are due for pickup.


JUST DRIVE does not take any deposit upon arrival.


1. Valid driver's license.

2.  Debit or credit card.

If you have more questions feel free to contact us!

Which insurance should I choose?

There is an insurance included in the rental. This is called the standard insurance and has a self risk liability at DKK 9.000 per damage. This means you can risk paying up to DKK 9.000 per damage.

It is also possible to add an insurance where the risk is limited to DKK 1.500 per damage.

We also offer "SUPER ZERO" insurance. This drops the risk to DKK 0,- This is an all in one insurance policy. "SUPER ZERO" also covers everything such as theft, stone chip, third parties, broken windows and roadside assistance.

How do I get keys?

JUST DRIVE has an office at the airport in the CAR RENTAL CENTRE. It is located right next to the airport terminal (approximately 100m from the terminal).

Free mileage?

Yes, all our rentals include unlimited milage.

What is the cancellation policy?

Just Drive offers free cancellation up to 3 days prior to pick-up date.