Booking Terms & Conditions

The Online Booking Terms and Conditions below are applicable as of August 13th, 2017.

We ask you to read our Online Booking Terms and Conditions as you will be asked to confirm that you have read and understood these as a part of our Terms and Conditions before your booking can be confirmed.

Following these guidelines will help you to: (i)understand what you can expect from us during the booking process; (ii)get the key information on booking; (iii)understand what we need from you in order to complete your booking successfully.

1. Online Booking Process

The following are the main steps to making an online booking:

(i) First Step: Selection of the service

Enter your rental criteria in the online booking form including rental dates, rental locations and choice of vehicle.

(ii) Second Step : JUST DRIVE' s offer

Based on the criteria you provide, JUST DRIVE will provide you with several offers matching your request.

The ‘offer' is defined as: - a service, which includes a selected vehicle category available for a chosen duration with selected options (if any) and a rate, which can be either a prepaid rate or a pay on arrival rate.

You will then be asked to select the offer that best fits you. 

(iii) Third Step : Acceptance of the offer

You will then be able to add extras or additional protections by clicking on the desired items. The cost of each selected items will be added to the final price of your rental.

(iv) Fourth Step : Confirmation

Once you have completed your booking, You will be required to click on the “CONFIRM BOOKING” box to temporary book the selected offer.

(v) Fifth Step : JUST DRIVE notification

After filling in your customer details, you will be asked to verify your booking summary and then to give your acceptance to your booking. For that purpose, you will be invited to read the applicable Terms and Conditions of Hire and if you agree to these terms, you will then be able to finalize your booking by clicking on the “Pay Now” button.

(vi) Sixth Step: JUST DRIVE notification

JUST DRIVE will send you a booking confirmation including your reservation number. The confirmation email will include the main details of your reservation.

2. Booking confirmation email sent by JUST DRIVE

At the end of the booking process you will be taken to the “Reservation Confirmation” page; your reservation number will be highlighted. You will also receive a booking confirmation email containing the full details of your booking. Please print these and keep them for your records.

3. Reservation Details

Booking Date:

We accept bookings for same-day rental with up to two (2) hours advance notice. 

We accept bookings for rental made up to eighteen (18) months in advance.

Minimum Rental Period:

The minimum rental period is two (2) rental days. One (1) rental day is interpreted as a period of twenty-four (24) hours. Collection and return of the vehicle is included in this 24 hour period. - Rentals of less than twenty-four (24) hours will be charged a full day's rate except in selected locations where hourly rentals are available. 

We accept bookings for maximum rental period of twelve (12) months. 

4. Rates

Your JUST DRIVE rental quote takes into account all mandatory charges corresponding to your booking criteria.

This quote generally includes the following items:

- Value Added Tax or any other local tax;

The rates are guaranteed for the rental associated to the confirmed booking.

Additional charges to your basic rental rate may include:

- Additional Driver charge: when there is more than one driver associated with a rental, the second, or subsequent, driver is referred to as the additional driver. There may be a charge applied for each, or all, additional drivers.

- Premium Location / Vagar Airport / Service Charge: A processing fee can apply at certain premium locations, such as Vagar Airport.

- Any additional equipment: please review our section Special Car Equipment;

- Out-of hours service: If you pick up or return the car outside the normal opening hours, some JUST DRIVE stations may add an "after hours service" fee. Please check your reservation for check out time.

- Full tank option: you have the option of prepaying your refueling service. Fixed price for refilling fuel on vehicles is 895,- DKK

- Damages & Theft: up to the limit of the protection excess if this protection has been subscribed to

5. Payment / Means of payment / Deposit terms and conditions

A. Payment

- "Book and Pay now" - Online booking: Prepayment (payment at the time of booking): When opting for "prepaid rate(s)" online, payment of the full estimated amount of your rental will be required at time of booking.

B. Means of payment

Payments can me made using the following means of payment:

Credit card(s): Credit cards usually accepted within JUST DRIVE are Dankort, Visa/Visa Electron, VPay, MasterCard/Maestro, JCB,Unionpay


Please note that payment using credit(s) card(s) is (are) accepted in accordance with the limits authorised by your credit card issuer. The credit card holder (in case of a prepaid booking) must be identified as the renter (the "Main driver" to be mentioned on the rental agreement). Such person must present his/her credit card (identified with the same name) at time of ”Collection”.

- Debit card(s): Debit card(s), that are not associated to a bank account, are NOT accepted at time of booking or at the time of rental except:

- "Maestro" cards issued by UK banks and

- "Visa Electron" card(s) that are NOT accepted 


Payments in cash or by cheque is NOT accepted

C. Deposit - Transaction authorisation 

During your booking and at time of collection, you will be informed that in addition to the price of your rental, you will be asked to leave a deposit. The amount of the deposit will be provided before the finalization of your booking, restated in your booking confirmation email and also on the Rental Agreement that you will receive at the rental station at time of collection. The deposit takes the form of an electronic pre-authorisation taken on your credit- card (the "Deposit") and a copy of the credit card.

This Deposit allows JUST DRIVE to secure the final transaction amount as JUST DRIVE will receive the protection of an authorisation before the start of the rental period. It also confirms that Your bank account is valid and within the available spending limit.

Warning: Deposit amount depends on the policy of the local JUST DRIVE station(s).

Calculation of the deposit is listed on the JUST DRIVE booking form.

Please note that, from a general perspective, the Deposit amount covers the vehicle rental agreement period as well as any extra charges that may be incurred during your rental.

The amount of the Deposit stays valid for the length of the rental agreement period. For rental agreements longer than thirty (30) days, a new authorisation for each additional period of rental will be requested by JUST DRIVE from the card holder's bank account.

6. Age limit

Minimum drivers age is 21 years. Maximum age limit is 78

7. Changes to reservation: Modification/Cancellation Policy

You can view, modify or cancel your reservation online after it is confirmed provided it is done within the time limit mentioned in the Terms and Condition. Simply click on the “Cancel" link in the reservation confirmation email

In the case of "prepaid" reservations modification/cancellation fees may apply. No fees for reservation changes.

You may cancel your reservation via the confirmation email you received from JUST DRIVE.

A) Cancellations made at least 7 days prior to pick-up will be refunded with 70% of the rental cost.

B) Cancellations made less than 7 days prior to pick-up will not be refunded

C) COVID19 CANCELLATION OPTION Clients may keep reservations open for 10 years if a cancellation becomes necessary. No fees for reservation changes.

8. Additional Information

Smoking is prohibited in all JUST DRIVE cars. Smoking in a JUST DRIVE vehicle will result in a surcharge for additional cleaning. If the smoking prohibition is broken a cleaning surcharge with a rate of DKK 8.500,00 will be added. 

All vehicles must be returned in the same condition as when collected. If the vehicle is returned in a dirtier state than what can be expected from normal usage, a cleaning surcharge of DKK 750 per hour will be added. The vehicle will be inspected upon return at the local JUST DRIVE station. 

Vehicles are not allowed for camping purposes

All JUST DRIVE vehicles may be fitted with tracking devices that enables JUST DRIVE to locate the vehicles. A client I accept that this service will only will be used in emergency situations.

LATE RETURN - 0-15 mins No Charge / 15 – 120 mins Half (½) the daily rate / 2hrs + Full Day Charge

Extended Roadside Assistance includes these services:

1. Lockout Service - Gain entry when keys are locked inside the vehicle. Get replacement keys or locksmith assistance.

2. Flat Tire Assistance & Replacement - We'll replace a flat or damaged tire with the spare, or get the car towed to the nearest service facility.

3. Jump Start - If your vehicle experiences battery failure, we'll provide a jump start.

4. Fuel Delivery - if you run out of gas/fuel, we’ll deliver 5 liter to your location.

9. Guaranteed reservation Policy

The JUST DRIVE rental location (pick up station) is required to provide, within a given "guaranteed period" as defined below, the requested vehicle category as confirmed at the time of booking, subject to the renter meeting rental requirements.

If the vehicle category cannot be provided during this "guaranteed period", alternative solutions will be proposed at no additional cost to you, within one hour of arrival.

9.1 Credit Card Details Provided - Guaranteed Reservation Hold: 

If you specified at time of booking your debit, credit or charge card details and Driver ID (or your Driver ID only in which card details are stored) the JUST DRIVE pick up station is required to provide the requested vehicle category until the station closure or up to 12:00 (noon) the day following the due pick up time for 24/7 stations. In case you fail to collect the vehicle during the guarantee period, a no-show fee may be applied

9.2 Flight delay

At airport rental stations, the reservation is guaranteed for two (2) hours after the actual flight arrival time if the reservation has been quoted with a flight number

In the event of a flight delay beyond the guaranteed period, we provide a guaranteed reservation hold for two (2) hours after the actual time of arrival. In such a case, an after-hours fee may apply.

9.3 Failure collect the vehicle - “No Show” fee

If the vehicle is not collected within the two hour guaranteed reservation hold and the reservation has not been cancelled more than 24 hours (prepaid reservations) or 2 hours (non-prepaid reservations) prior to collection a “No Show” fee will be applied.

The vehicle will be kept on hold for your reservation up to 24 hours, but no longer than to 12:00 (noon) the following day.

9.4 Failure to deliver the vehicle during the Guaranteed period

If the vehicle category cannot be provided during the Guaranteed period JUST DRIVE will offer you:

- An upgrade at no additional cost; OR

- A downgrade (at the relevant category price) and compensation (such as an upgrade voucher for a future rental).

In cases where neither the upgrade nor downgrade offered are acceptable, and no vehicle of the reserved category is available within 1-hour of the due check-out time, JUST DRIVE will propose you the following alternative at no additional cost:

- Organize transport to the nearest alternative JUST DRIVE rental location (limit 70km); OR

- Rent a vehicle with another company located in proximity to the JUST DRIVE rental location

In cases where regulation imposes a penalty to be paid to you by the failing renting station, the failing renting station shall act as the regulation requires.

10. Force Majeure

Neither party shall be liable for failure in its performance hereunder caused by any case of Force Majeure. "Force Majeure" shall be considered - as defined by the applicable regulation(s) - as any irresistible or unforeseeable event, independent of the party suffering of the case of Force Majeure, which prevents this party from fulfilling its obligations.

So that in the case:

- of a prepaid booking; the transaction will be cancelled, and the renting station will refund to you the prepaid rental charge that has been collected. The renting station will have no further obligations with respect to the transaction;

- of a guaranteed reservation; the reservation will expire, a No Show fee will not be charged to you and the renting station will have no further obligations with respect to the transaction.

11. Applicable Law – Competent court

These Terms and Conditions have been issued under Faroese law. Faroese law is applicable.

If You have booked a vehicle in the capacity of business person, any dispute arising from your booking shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Faroese court / authorities.

12. Request for information or queries

If you need additional information on your booking and for any query prior to your arrival at the JUST DRIVE location, please contact us via e-mail:

13. Terms and Conditions

- You've selected the pay online option

- All elements of your booking must be confirmed

- At the rental location, you will simply have to show the credit card (we do take a copy) you used for your booking, your driver license and a valid ID, sign your rental agreement and just drive