Du vil modtage en reservations e-mail. 

JUST DRIVE vil altid "pre reservere" fartøjet i 5 timer efter din reservation
The vehicle will be idle again if no payment is registered within 5 hours if no creditcard transaction is registered to your booking. 
IMORTANT: It´s possible to CANCEL the first booking at redo the booking process & payment
Cancellation can be made via a link the first e-mail (the pre-reservation) which you received from JUST DRIVE
Feel free to contact us by e-mail or by phone if you have further questions.

Via creditcard via www.justdrive.fo
Ring til os på +298 591011 or e-mail info@justdrive.fo
- Undersøiske tunneller koser 100,- DKK and will be charged via the deposit. Do not buy for the sub sea tunnels in the gas stations
- Parkingsbøder og fartbøder er ikke inkl.
It depends if we have cars available. Usually it´s not a problem :)
You may cancel your reservation right away via the 1st e-mail that we send to you.

7 days is limit of cancellation. 70% of the paid amount will be returned to you if you cancel the order before 7 days before pick up.
No refund will be made if the cancellation is made less than 7 days before pickup
Vi kan kun referere til vores side med tilbud
You have 1 locations to choose from. You are required to pay the airport fee if the vehicle enters the Airport parking area
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